Wyze Cam Pan moving alone (Hacked?)

This is kind of bad. I have been noticing the cameras in different positions to what I leave them and I thought they were moved accidentally. I’m currently sitting in front of one of the cameras and is pointing to different locations for over an hour. How can I check if the cameras have been hacked?

What’s the security we have with the cams in terms of privacy?. This is wrong. I wasn’t worried about that before, but right now.

I did reset the password but it keeps doing that.

I hope you can provide a good answer for all Wyze cam users.




It sounds like your “pan scan” feature is enabled. In the Wyze app, when you select your camera and then select the “More” option (which is next to the “Take Photo” option), is the Pan Scan icon green? If so, you can tap the icon again to disable it.

In addition to the above, make sure you don’t have motion tracking enabled.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.

I checked and the Pan Scan mode was disabled but the motion tracking was activated. It’s fixed right now.

Thanks for your help,