Camera getting hacked

My camera seems to be getting accessed remotely by someone constantly.

I have reset the password. I have put in 2 factor authentication

This is not night vision since I have seen this observed in full light conditions

Since you gave very little information, what makes you think that your camera is being access by someone else. That is actually pretty unlikely.

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Just like @K6CCC said, we need more information to help you with this to be able to substantiate or not.

Why do you think you are “hacked”? How does “This is not night vision since I have seen this observed in full light conditions” play into it? What is “i have seen this”? I’ll tag in the @moderators so that your forum trust level can be upgraded so you can post any video or photos you may have. Look forward to helping you with this! Welcome to the forums!

@Vyastk What type of camera is it a Cam Pan or v2 Cam? Have you shared your account with anyone?

It is a Wyze Cam Pan.

The camera starts to move on its own. Stopping and panning slowly… I noticed this in the evening again… I then pulled it off the network.

The account is only used by me and my wife.

Is motion tracking enabled?

Is it enabled by default?. I have not enabled it myself.

Should not be enabled by default. But you can easily check by tapping the three-dot (…) More icon on the camera’s live view. On the next screen, Motion Tracking icon will be green if enabled, black if disabled. Same for Pan Scan which could also be the issue.

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I restated the camera today after 2 days. The camera went on connecting mode. But kept moving is small uneven movements. The lights were blinking Yellow /Blue.

I reset the camera and disconnected power. I took a couple of videos

Sounds like you may have a bad camera. Have you submitted a Support Request ?

Any reason why you would think it be a bad camera?. It works fine all these days. Still does…

I am pretty sure it was being controlled by someone outside of the network. both the base and the Camera movement were very unsynchronized.

You seemed to say it was moving in small increments while still in connecting mode. That would be a bad camera.

In either case, contacting support would be your best bet.

Thanks. I have raised a request. I hope someone takes this seriously.

P. S. : when I said in small increments… This is after the first smooth pan, the camera position fixes at one spot and adjusts in small increments

The same thing just happened to me. And the app said it wasn’t connected the camera was panning around the room and my account was signed out of not by me and had to unplug

One of my cameras pans the room in a circle comes back to the original spot and stops. I was thinking this was from an update. So Wyze what do you think is there something going on or is this from the updates that come out?

Looks like it is a Known issue and many reports on this forum and others

Just that everyone wants to keep it under the carpet

P. S. I raised a request and no one bothered to reply…