Suspicious Camera Movements

While I sit watching TV, every now and then the camera begins to rotate, is this normal or have I been hacked?

Welcome to the group! First I think we will need more information. It’s always good to mention the type of camera you are having issues with. And I think you have the pancam? Is motion tracking enabled? Is pan scan enabled? Did the camera just restart prior to moving?


If you are truly worried about being hacked make sure you are using a strong password and you have enabled 2 factor authentication on your account. If you do that you can pretty much rule out being hacked.

Pan cams will rotate every time they restart. It’s called zeroing or rehomeing the camera. The Pan cam will restart if you are using a less than 2 amp wall adapter or a longer or cheap power cord. They can also restart if your home wiring has developed a fault.

Other reasons it can do this are if Pan Scan was enabled or if someone you shared the account password with was viewing the camera. Or if you are using the same password as another account that may have been breached. (you can prevent that by turning 2FA on).