Is Anyone else being watched in their camera I think they have been hacked

I need some one to confirm is someone watching their camera cam v3 specifically

Welcome to the forums! Can you explain what you want help with a little more? What are you experiencing with your camera? What camera are you using? The v3 Pro has just been released and I don’t think it’s in the hands of users yet as shipping should have started today. Looking forward to assisting, thanks in advance!


Cam v3 camera I accidentally put pro has been hacked

If there is a security issue I’d recommend emailing and letting them know the situation and be ready to provide account details and an app log. You can save an app log now from your affected devices and refer to that log ID later if and when you contact Security.

This is a user to user forum and Moderators and Mavens are volunteer users that are here to help the community.

There is a wealth of knowledge here within the forum community that may be able to explain or shed some light on your issue. What are you experiencing? What makes you believe your cameras are hacked?

Precautions that I can recommend now are enabling 2FA for your Wyze account, changing your Wyze account password, and/or changing your Wi-Fi network information and password.


Why do you think you have been hacked?

The cameras don’t get hacked. They aren’t reachable from the Internet.

Your account may be compromised. Just change your password and relax.


I did all that even though no one ever had my password there is also 2-step verification on there and still I have spoken to Wyze they are trying to figure it out no one is paranoid

It keep saying and showing someone is viewing and it’s not me it turns red when it’s being viewed it’s on wyze side I changed my password and have 2-step verification on too . They haven’t made anything public but it’s on there side

That’s the only indication you see? The status light also turns red when it has detected motion. Are you within frame when it’s red? I could be detecting your movement.