Red light for Camera came on when not being Viewed

Hi there,

This just happened to me less than an hour ago.

Today I came home and went to my bedroom at 1:46pm Eastern time. When I entered the room, the red light on my Wyze pan scan camera was on.

There is only 1 person that has access to my camera and so I spoke thinking it was this person viewing. There was no response and I spoke again and again there was no response. So I waved at the camera to indicate to the person I thought was there that I could see them just in case the audio wasn’t working correctly because sometime there’s a bad audio connection.

After I waved, the light turned blue. So I texted the person asking them if they had viewed the camera just then. They responded letting me know they hadn’t and was tied up with work today and did not view the camera at all today. This person would 100% let me know if they had viewed the camera, so that is not an the issue.

My concern is why was the red camera viewing light on if neither of us was viewing the camera?

This is a camera that does not record any events or motion. Currently, I have it set up for live viewing only. I did check to see if it recorded an event by some bug and it did not as expected.

I thought maybe the camera had rebooted itself but I just don’t know how to check for that.

The only thing I know is that the camera is in the exact spot and angle it was in the last time the camera was viewed. I don’t know if a reboot would change the camera viewing spot/angle.

I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for this, but I just don’t have one yet and hoping someone can help me out.

I just want to be sure that no one else has some access to my camera (hacking).

Thank you!

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Strange, not sure why the red light would be on other than recording an event or someone was viewing it. To be safe I would change your password asap and enable 2fa.

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For matters of a security concern you can also reach out to


Remember that for the purposes of that light, any event that sends data to the Wyze servers counts as being watched and changes the color of the status lights. I see that all the time with my V3 cameras.


So movement (you) = red light. Makes a connection to record the event.

This is incorrect. This camera does not record movement. So the light is blue all the time while I’m moving in my room. It only turns red if someone is viewing the camera.

I’m not sure what data would have been sent at that time since it is not recording or detecting motion.

This is the part that puzzles. What was the camera doing or what was happening at that moment for the light to be red for awhile and then turn back to blue?

So I am gathering that you have this camera set up so that it NEVER has any sort of events?

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Yes exactly!

And the light is always Blue. The only time it is Red is when someone is viewing the live stream. And on that day and time, no one was viewing the camera live stream so was wondering what it could be.

I’ve never seen that happen before and felt I should inquire about it.

Hi Kanona,

Thanks for the info. Any chance you could provide me with a log on that camera. You can go to App->Account->Wyze Support->submit a log-> choose the camera you have and submit. Please kindly let me know the log id.

And just by checking, Do you have camplus on that camera?



Sorry I have been sick and missed the latest post here.

My log id is 604034.

And while I do have cam plus, I do not have it on this specfic camera

I hope this helps and thank you!

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope everything is better now.

Thanks for the log id and the info. I did perform a test this weekend with my Pan V2 camera here and it shows different situations in red LED depending on whether you have camplus on that camera or not. If you don’t have camplus then any regular motion will trigger the camera led go red. However it will only stay on red for a short period of time and then go back to blue. And since there is a “break time” for non-camplus camera before next motion detection so during that break any movement will not trigger the red led again. And that break time last for about 5 mins. That matches what you described before.

As for the pan camera movement part. I assume you never initial the detection area settings. Which means if anyone move the camera and reboot, the camera will stay at the new location. Since you said it stays exactly where it was before. That could also prove that no one has moved it at least.

I will still forward your log to the team to see if there is anything abnormal. And of course I would highly recommend you use the 2FA login under “Account” → “Security” → “Two-Factor Authentication” to secure your account just in case.

Thank you again and hope you get back soon!


Great info! This will clear things up for a lot of people. Thanks.


You are very welcome!


Thank you for your help so far!

This piece does not apply to my situation because keep in mind, my camera is not set up to detect motion at all. As previously mentioned, the light is always Blue even when I’m moving around because it is set up to detect any motion and it’s only for live viewing only. It is only red when someone is live viewing the camera.

I only use the detect motion when i go away on a trip so i can check on my cat. But everyday use is only live viewing.

I’ve had my camera for months and my SO and I will use my camera sometimes as a bit of a telephone so I interact with the camera pretty often. Which is why I thought it was him that particular day and time.

This camera is in my bedroom and it’s within close eyesight to me, so I know the behavior of this camera very well. It is only red when someone is live viewing and it does not turn red for any movement. It remains blue because I don’t have detect motion turned on.

I do think it’s possible it went thru a reboot of some sort but just didn’t have the confirmation of it.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the feedback, We don’t see anything wrong so far from the log based on the time that you proveded. Will keep you updated if there is anything.

Just in case next time you saw the exact red led happens again, could you please send us a log right after it ends so we can locate it more accurately. You can directly message me or simply reply this ticket. Thanks again for everything!


Your forum trust level has been increased to allow you to expeditiously respond to Wyze with any type of requested support data.


Thank you so much for checking! It was probably just some random thing. I’ve never seen it happen before or since this one time.

But if it does, I’ll contact you asap.

Thanks again for your help!


You are very welcome kanona!


Is there an update on this? Same exact thing is happening to me.