Red light comes on at random

My camera was working fine. One day we noticed that the red light indicating that someone is viewing Started to come on frequently. As soon as we mention the light is on it quickly turns off and goes to the blue light. I have changed the password, set up two factor authentication, and updated the firmware. Along side that, I have restarted the cams, removed all users accept for myself and still, the randomly comes in. Tonight, the cam did a reboot and then about 30-45 min later the camera moved. I then spoke out saying to come up on the mic and as soon as I said that the light went back to blue. During this time, there was no movement in the room, dogs fast asleep at my feet in the floor, I was alone in the room watching a movie. The cameras settings are set to where it doesn’t pan when detecting motion, that feature we have turned off.
Any suggestions as to why the red light keeps coming on or why the camera rebooted and started moving on it own tonight?

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Please also note that the red light will come on when the camera is recording an event. So if the camera has been set to record when person detected or motion detected after a certain time the light will turn red during that recording event. Note that the “recorded alarm” in the below KB refers to an event.

As for the reboot and swivel, this could come if using the non-provided AC adapter or cable, a power loss/spike in your outlet or power strip (if using one, suggested not to use a power strip with the cameras).

If you feel you have a security event on your hands please contact the Wyze security team at and provide a log number with the email.


Yes, so you approaching the camera to look for the red light could turn the red light on. It will turn off seconds later when the event has been uploaded.


Thank you so much for the quick responses!!!
So, I suppose that makes sense about the red light. Would the same be for sound if it detects sound the light will come on as well?
I have also noticed that I could be sitting on the couch and fall asleep for a couple hours and then wake up and move to a different room, the camera doesn’t detect that movement because for whatever reason the camera isn’t logging or even recording. The solution to this type of situation is to reboot the camera, but no way of knowing it stopped recording or detecting unless logging onto the app to see the view of that particular camera. There’s been times where I have fallen asleep on the couch, got up and moved to a different room. A couple hours later (with no rebooting being doneu) it will show my daughter on the couch sleeping or watching tv or whatever she is doing at the time. At no point was the camera told to turn off or stop recording/not detect. It’s almost as if there’s missing footage. The dogs freely run around in the home and in that particular scenario it shows that the dogs had even moved locations.
To touch base about the camera moving/scanning the room; the cables that are being used are the original cables that came with the cameras and the camera in question isn’t on a surge protector. It’s plugged directly into an outlet and doesn’t share the outlet with anything else.
Last question that I have at this time, I have 3 cameras inside the home. 2 of them I have an annual subscription for the cam plus. Is there a way to add the third camera to that plan and just pay the prorated amount since I have already paid for the full year? Right now we are using the sd card and it isn’t what we are looking for. Lol. I’d rather be able to have the subscription then use the sd card.
Thanks again for the quick responses!!

It is indicating a recording in progress, so when your selected sound threshold is exceeded and a recording is sent to the cloud, the light will come on.

It also indicates live streaming, you looking at the Album, Detection Zone setup, & SD Card Playback. With multiple people in the house looking at those items you may see the light when you haven’t moved and aren’t currently in the app.

Check your motion sensitivity and Detection Zone (both in Detection Settings).

If no one else answers this from their own recent experience, then try contacting Support. They probably know the answer. :slight_smile:

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Easter Sunday.

If you purchased these two cam subscriptions from the Wyze Web Site at the same time, they should be listed on your account ( together under the same subscription. You should be able to edit that subscription and add one cam to it. When you do, it will keep your subscription period and renewal date the same as the existing two cams, add the third cam, and charge you the pro rated amount from the date you add it to the end of the period. When it renews it will then renew @ the 3 Cam price.

If, however, you purchased your subscriptions thru the app, it processed them thru the iOS app store. Apple controls these subscriptions (with an iron grip) and any modifications will have to be done thru them, they will only show in the app.

When you look at your subscriptions in Account → Services, it should tell you how they were purchased \ where they need to be modified. If they are together under the same subscription header, then they are linked under the same subscription.

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