Red light coming on when camera was not being viewed

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Recently me and my dad got this camera for our living room just to watch over our cat when we were gone. This morning i looked over an realized that the light on the camera was red, I had asked my dad if he was looking through the camera but he said that he wasn’t. I brushed it off and went to school after. Later today after eating dinner I realized that the red light came on yet again, I asked my dad once again if he was looking through the camera and he said no. It has happened at least 5 times now and I have absolutely no idea who else could be watching, the camera is shared only between me and my dad. I decided to put a little piece of paper on the camera and the red light hasn’t came on since. Forgot to mention that after the second time I noticed the red light came on that there was four red dots surrounding the camera, which is odd considering that this hasn’t happened to other people as far as I know. Please help me !! Thank you.

The red dots around the camera is the IR sensor for night vision.

Outside of that, I don’t know why the red status light would be on.


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The status light on the V3 will be blue when the cam is active but idle.

It will turn red when it is being streamed OR when it is detecting active motion within it’s field of view.

If you or anything else was moving within the frame while it was on, the status light turning red indicates it is working properly.

When you put the paper over it, you effectively turned off it’s motion detection capability because you blinded the cam.

Check this article for an explanation of the cams Status Lights:


I believe you will also find that the red light comes on when the camera changes from normal mode to night vision mode or back to normal mode in response to lighting conditions in the room (like turning a light switch on or off). I wish there was a light dedicated to streaming mode so you know exactly when the camera is streaming and when it is not.


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:raising_hand_man: I second that motion! Bring it up for a vote!

That would be a great suggestion for the #wishlist!


Agree with @SlabSlayer I would vote for that!

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