Camera switching from blue to red

My Wyze camera in my house continue to switch from a blue dot to a red dot which means normally your watching from a device but I’m not. It’s up to date why is it doing this?

Here’s the official explanation of the Status light:

I always disable the status light, so I haven’t paid close attention to when it changes colors and maybe someone who uses it can answer better from their experience, but it does say that it switches to red for both watching the live stream and when recording an alarm video. I don’t know what counts as an alarm video, but maybe it switches to red anytime it gets a motion event triggered that causes a cloud event to be uploaded with Cam Plus/Lite? IDK.

So, the status light could change multiple times with you sitting a room or in front of it based on how much motion it is perceiving. This would explain why it switches color even when you are not viewing the live-stream. That would be my guess.

But again, I always turn the status light off, so maybe someone else will check in and explain what they know.

Assuming you are confident that the camera isn’t being streamed by anyone with access to it, if you are really concerned about it, you can always contact and let them know you are concerned the status LED keeps showing red and ask them if they see anything suspicious related to your account (ie: if a different IP address is trying to view the live stream).

I am thinking it is just turning red when it is recording a motion event.


Thank you ! That makes sense!