Wyze Cam v3 Camera Status Light


My cam v3 status light turns on when I am not monitoring through the app. I am left to assume that some random person is watching my camera. How can I prevent this? Are there logs that I can review to see who is connected? The camera is currently not shared with anyone, I am the only one who should have access.

Thank you

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My V3 is outdoors and I have the status light turned off. As I understand it the light will be solid blue in the normal state but will turn red if it detects something like movement/pixel change and so on. Just my guess with a capital "G? :upside_down_face:

So the reason it turns red is because he’s looking at it (moving). :wink:

Schroedinger’s Cam.

Or it’s sending data to Wyze cloud storage.

Great, thank you for the suggestions! I will experiment and report back. :+1:


Easy to test. First confirm that watching the camera changed the status light from blue to red by looking at the camera while you watch and don’t watch the camera on your phone. Note, make sure you are not triggering a motion alert at the same time.
Then watch the front of the camera while you are triggering a motion alert and you will see the camera status LED turn red.
I “test” this almost every day with the V3 “Dashcam” in my truck. If I walk up to the truck from the front, I will see the blue LED. When I get close enough that it triggers a motion alert, the LED turns red.

I am having an issue with the Cam v3, when it is off in the app the blue light comes on without me activating it. I have tried every test on the site to figure out why, my spouse say’s he is not activating his app but the blue light comes on why is this? Can the camera come on without turning it on in the app?