Wyzecam V3 Red Light

I have several Wyzecam V3’s and the status light has always been blue. I noticed one camera would turn solid red and when I entered another room that camera status light turned red. If I understand correctly a solid red light means that the camera is active and I am being observed? I used the app and viewed myself in each camera and the light turned solid red. If I am the only user and this has been happening for a few days now am I hacked? I have reset the password to a 22 character generated and have 2FA with authenticator app.

Based on my observation it goes red when it detects motion (and therefore sending data to the Wyze servers). If someone were to have hacked your account, the red light would be related to them watching, not a motion trigger.

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I have six WYZE cameras: Three v3, and Three WYZE Cam Pans.

When someone, with whom I’ve shared viewing, is watching on my V3 cameras, the status light turns solid red, and returns to solid blue when they stop viewing.

This does not occur on the Pan Cams.

This is an FYI of my experience with the cameras.

I also have five NEST Cameras, and their status light blinks whenever someone is “watching”.