Wyze Pan Cam v3 No Blue Light

Added this new cam and it prompted to update firmware immediately. The cam seems to be working fine, but the Red Light is solid and it’s never went to blue. I read where you could unplug it and plug it back in and that did fix it for a minute then it returned to solid RED.

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If the camera Is detecting motion or someone is connected to it via the app it will be red. Are you doing any of those things?


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Came here to search a very similar scenario. I updated my Cam V3 to in the last week, and since then I have noticed that the camera will have the solid red indicator light on when nobody is using it. The camera is working fine if you check it on the app, so it’s not one of the situations outlined in the guide posted. Reboots don’t change the situation.

I’m relieved that someone else is experiencing this as our first concern is there was someone accessing the feed without permission.

Edit: we don’t have motion or sound event recording on this camera, and it’s not signed up for Wyze plus. It should operate as just a dumb camera, so this is extra odd.

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I have recently tested this on my PanV3 cams and the status lights are working normally. The blue light will be on when there is no motion in front of the cams and the app is not accessing the cams. As soon as it senses motion in front of the cam, the light will turn red for the duration of the motion event, then it will return to blue. If the cam is in a group, the light will turn red as soon as the group is opened or when the cam Live Stream is opened indicating it is being Live Streamed to the app.

However, I am running Beta Firmware that is currently being tested (linked thread below). Since it is working in the Beta Firmware, if there is an issue within the current Production Firmware, you should see a correction to it when this Beta Firmware passes QA and is released as the next Production Firmware Update.

I think I’ve identified the issue. The new firmware seems to have made it so the camera switches to the red light when it detects motion, even when no monitoring or event recording is enabled. This was not the behavior prior to the most recent update, and honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense from a user information perspective.

I was able to test this by turning the motion sensitivity all the way down to 1, which was coarse enough that it wasn’t constantly picking up the ceiling fan. Now it stays blue unless I move very obviously in front of it.

It still doesn’t make sense that motion tracking should even be operating when neither in-camera recording, alarm rules nor Wyze plus are enabled on the camera. If there is a setting to completely disable motion tracking, I was unable to find it.

Is there an SD Card in the cam recording video?

Motion tracking can be disabled in the Live Stream toolbar by toggling off “Track Motion”. You will need to pull the toolbar to the left to reveal the remaining buttons on the toolbar.

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No, no SD card inserted, and not only is all event recording off, I turned notifications off too for good measure. It still triggers for motion (albeit less now that I turned the sensitivity down).

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Updated my post above with how to turn off Motion Tracking. :point_up_2:

I just retested this on my PanV3 cam running Beta Firmware

If the Record Motion Events toggle within The Event Recording settings is toggled Off, the Cam Status Light will remain blue even when motion is occuring in front of the cam. It will only turn red with motion in front of the cam if the Record Motion Events toggle is On

If this is not what you are currently experiencing with the Production Firmware, it should be fixed with the next Production Firmware Update.

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Right - that’s not the behavior I’m experiencing, so hopefully that firmware update will fix it. In the meantime, just knowing what is happening is a satisfying resolution to me.

@terrie.bolick sorry for hijacking your thread but hopefully something in my situation applies to yours as well.

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Thank you, definitely didn’t know that and I believe that’s what it was. Appreciate the response.


I apologize, but there was some confusion on my end. I just went back and reviewed your original post.

I am running Beta Firmware which is for a Pan V3 Cam.

You are running Firmware which is for a V3 Cam which does not have Motion Tracking as it is not a PTZ Cam.

Others are reporting what you are experiencing in another topic discussing this behavior on the V3 Cam although the Topic is tagged as a Pan Cam V2:

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What you think seems to be correct. This all makes sense and seems that this change would be a direct result of the firmware upgrade. I was always led to believe and under the impression that the blue light would turn red only because it was being streamed by someone. I began to think that my cell phone / system was hacked and my Cam V3s were being viewed by a hacker. I do hope all your info is correct and I have nothing to worry about.