Red Light not working correctly, it is on when it shouldn't be

All V3 and V3 Pro cams are not working correctly with the status light.
This has been mentioned in several beta release comments.
The red light is coming on when there is no event recording set at all.

According to WYZE’s own information, during normal operation, the red light should only come on only when an event is recording to the cloud, or when the camera is being viewed live.
It should not come on as it does now, when it sees motion, and no events are being recorded.

The last public (non-beta) firmware that works properly in this respect is, back in Dec 22.

We want to be able to tell if someone is viewing a cam that is not set to record events, and this is preventing that, AND, it is not how the documentation says it is supposed to work.

Understanding your Wyze Cam v3 Status Light – Wyze

It was working correctly for a long time, now it has been broken for several months.
Please put the functionality back the way your documentation says it is supposed to be.

Have you tried manually flashing to an older firmware? You can grab the firmware here.

Yes, I have went all the way back to the above firmware version, and that does fix it.
It also rebreaks all the things that have been fixed since that version.

The object isn’t to go back in time to something that makes this one thing back to the way it should be, but to have all the fixes since then to include this feature to work the way it should.

I am just trying to get them to unbreak the thing that was working, along with all the other things that have been fixed since then.

I work in IT, and have since 1990.
I hate that to fix one thing, you end up breaking two other things.
We had a software release log that came out with every fix this software release fixes, and then it included bugs that the new release introduced. That section was always at least twice as big as the “fixed” list.

I hear what you are saying and totally agree. I make backup APK files of the Wyze Apps so I can go back to a version that gives me the most functionality. One App version came up with a blank Events page until toggling to a different date and back. The current App 2.44.5 (330) when viewing a Cloud video always returns to near the top of the list instead of going to the list where you left off.

For me, I pick the lesser of two functionality evils when deciding which App version I should use. We should not have to do this, but that is how I make Wyze work for me.