Wyze Cam Pan shutting off?

My Wyze Pan Cam shut off twice in the middle of the night and both times the angle in which the camera was positioned was changed…? Kinda odd and scary? I checked the footage and there’s no movement showing it was unplugged or anything such freaks me out even more. Any ideas?

Hi, @kyrstinstanley. Welcome to the community! The Cam Pan has been known to do this in the past. Make sure the USB plug is plugged all the way in at the base of the cam and the power brick as well. Any loose connection with the power cable will cause the camera to turn off. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will it cause the position to move too?

It’s possible. Do you have any Waypoints or a detection zone set?

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No just motion tagging but it doesn’t move unless I move it

If you set one Waypoint and set a detection zone it will keep the camera returning to the same position. That’s the way I have mine setup and it always returns to the set position.


It never moves unless I move it. It’s almost as if it was moved physically but there’s recording of in between movements or before camera movements…

It definitely looks like it’s rotating on the camera’s axis. The base of the camera isn’t moving. For example, if you picked up the camera and moved it an inch to the left on the table/shelf/wherever it’s sitting, you’d see a noticeable difference between the position of the foreground objects and the background objects. Like the picture frame on the bar that intersects with the top edge of the chair, for example. If you moved the camera an inch to the left, the chair would cover more of that picture frame. If it’s just rotating on its axis, it would basically look the same, as it does.

Do you have a pet?

Maybe someone is messing with you? Do you have an ex-husband? I had some guy who I had a falling out with that liked to think he was a hacker messing with me.

Do you have a sensor bridge plugged into this Cam Pan by chance?