Wyze Pan Cam Moving On Own

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks my pan cam was moving without enabling pan scan or the follow option. So, I turned on and off the features. Still, the cam continued to move in the room, only on the person in the room. I was also the only one to see this. When I looked at the cam it wasn’t moving.
I set up my Samsung cam to watch the Wyze cam and noticed it began moving when my daughter walked around the home, I was not home. Even did it when people weren’t moving at all. It moved when no one was home at all. And the weird thing, the camera was switched off in the app. My wife, who thought it was all in my head said that she noticed it after her friend made a comment about it moving. Now I’m not imagining it. Also, the IR light is supposed to be off and that comes on.

Has anyone noticed this? Is it updating? I have another security system, and it doesn’t behave like this.

Hello @josh3326 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry this is happening, when the cam updates it is normally because someone clicked on the update, so if no one did that I am doubting it is an update. When this happens can you submit a log to Wyze in the app from Account — Wyze Support — Submit a log and also put the time it happened in the log.

Edit: I would also recommend changing your password and turning on 2FA

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Welcome to the Wyze community @josh3326!
In edition to what @WyzeJasonJ said, it’s possible that the power to the camera may have been interrupted, causing it to restart. What did the movement look like? Definitely submit a log as suggested above.


Sorry for the concern! As a quick check, do you have a microSD card in the camera? If so, are there gaps? Sometimes the camera will move because it’s rebooting so this could be a power thing.

Do you know when the last time you noticed this was and did you send in a log by any chance? We understand this is alarming and would like to help look into this!

You can send in a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Including the date, time, and time zone of an issue is super helpful for us.

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