Cam switch on itself and it moved


this message is to report a very concerning incident which occurred two times today.

I bought the WyzeCam Pan one month ago. I have been using it with no issues until I received an odd error message two days ago (see my other message). Today, the cam was off, and suddenly it turned on by itself and moved 3 steps towards the left.

This is my second message where I’m reporting my security concerns and worries to the forum.

Honestly, I was planning on purchasing more WyzeCams for my home but now I will certainly not.

I’m sorry but after this incident I will put the cam I have directly in the garbage. I don’t feel safe.


To report an issue to Wyze, you need to file a support ticket, either here, or preferably from within the app. The logs can then be examined to determine if and where that command came from.

Ticket #80737

The same just happened to me today. I then unplugged it and it started again when I plugged it back in.

Has anything been said about this issue?

Here the response:

“it may have been more of a possible power issue or a network communication problem that was causing a malfunction of the camera. I was able to look up some information on our side and looked like that no one else had access to your account and you didn’t have it shared to anyone.”

It seems to be a typical response provided when something “strange” happens to any electronic device.

Too many weird things. I’ll leave the cam in the garbage, I believe that sooner or later this company will face security and privacy concerns.

Hmmm…OK. I have yet to plug mine in again.Thanks for sharing their answer.

Don’t dismiss their answer so quickly. A momentary power dip could very well cause the camera to essentially re-boot. That would cause exactly what you describe.

On the other hand, you are welcome to ship the camera to me and I’ll happily put it to use :slight_smile:


As far as “someone else” watching…

I place all my cameras in areas to watch whats happening outside, or pets

No cameras are in areas where privacy is desired as one should always figure that someone could access their feeds.

This applies to any camera manufacturer and video server, you should assume nothing is private as hackers will be hackers…LOL

So the placement of my cameras are strategic in that they monitor driveways, doorways etc… but none are in a living area where privacy is desired.

If anyone wants to go to the trouble of hacking my video feeds they will be bored that’s for sure…LOL


I will give you $10 for that pan cam :slight_smile:

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The camera turns on by default, even if the camera was off, after a power reset, like power going out or if a power strip is turned on and off. Seems like it should remain off even if the power is cycled.

There are endless numbers of things that could cause any device to reboot, thus turning it on, I work with various different IoT / connected/ voip/ whatever you wanna call them all / devices in my “day job” and tinker with smart devices as a tiny hobby. Anything from a firmware update, to a change in power (even a flicker), to a change to the connection to the internet. Rarely in the cases of devices “rebooting on their own” do I find that it was in relation to any human interference… although I do have a customer that reliably calls to complain their VOIP phones rebooted on their own, and then we find out they were barely plugged in and someone was disturbing the power supply just enough…)

Most devices, with moving parts, when powered up will run through a short performance cycle (think of how your home printer/scanner responds when first powered on- even drone does it on powering up and powering off.

I get your concerns though, and while it may sound like a canned response… it was probably a very legit one. If you still wish to dispose of the cam, I cant stop you but I’m willing to send my addy :wink: