Pan Cam; After Reboot or Power failure back to last position

I am having a critical issue, my cameras are pointed to a specific direction and if there is a power failure or a camera reboot they will move to “Home” position.

It will be important that the latest position gets recorded so when rebooting or power failure, it will automatically go back to point in the same direction.

What’s happening now is that I am thinking that I am recording the doorway, and when I go and look at the footage I realize it recorded the wall!!!


This can be already accomplished in the app one of two ways. These cannot be used together because turning on Pan Scan disables the detection zone until Pan Scan is turned off again.

  • Set a motion detection zone
  • Set one Pan Scan waypoint, and turn it on
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I understand, but default starting position should be the last one selected from the user

Unfortunately, when the camera reboots, it does a motor check which re-centers the camera. If you use one of the methods I described, it puts the camera back where you want it to observe.

I see thanks for the clarification.

I was wondering if after the motor check it could go back to the last position?

I aimed my Pan Cam while in Home position. That way when power shuts down and the camera goes through its boot up, It’ll be back in the same place I aimed it.

Its picky sometimes. The easiest way I have figured to reset it is to go into the camera again and just pull up the detection settings. When it loads it auto goes back to the aimed position. Havent found a way around it yet.

Hopefully this gets a real fix, it’s not a usable camera if it randomly points somewhere else. Some one brakes in or something randoms happens and it’s looking at a wall there goes you money!