Have the Pan Cam V2 return to where it was pointing after Power Outage restart

Here in SW Fla we get many short duration power outages in the rainy season. My Pan Cam v2 restarts and reconnects fine after an outage but it is not pointed where it was before the outage. If I go into settings/detection settings/detection zone it will then automatically returns to where it was pointing before the power outage. Is there a way (since it remembers) to have the cam return to the detection position upon power restart?

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If you have a detection one set, the camera should return to pointing at the detection zone position after power cycle as it does after manual movement.

Per the user guide:

If you (i) manually move the camera away from the Detection Zone OR (ii) if the camera moves away from the Detection Zone following motion when Motion Tracking is turned on, after 15 seconds of inactivity (no motion detected) the camera will automatically return to the position you selected when you set the Detection Zone, and will reinstate the Detection Zone.

This is something you should submit a Support Request for.

I have 2 V2 pan Cams and they behave differently. The newer one works like described above and will return to where I had it upon power restart. The older one even when set exactly the same did not. I did start with a support request and I was referred to the forum. I have solved the issue just now by using the pan scan feature and only setting up one zone.

FYI and thank you for your time.

I’m glad you found the workaround. Have you checked that both Pan’s are on the same firmware? That could be the issue.

If they are both on the same firmware, would you mind supplying your support ticket number? I’d like to pass it along to Wyze so they can look into it further. I think that the misbehavior of 1 of your two Pans should have been investigated instead of you being referred to the forum.



Hi, thanks for the interest. The case is Wyse ticket 259758. I did hear back from them and “Dante” said in part
Thanks for getting back to us. I’m glad you were able to find a workaround for the issue. I will bring up the issue with our software team".

I checked the firmware too and they are both on



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I just checked on this ticket. Looks like your agent thought that you were making a feature request so they tried to steer you to the Wishlist. I’ll escalate this so we can use this learning experience. Thanks for letting us know!

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