Default position (after restart/power cycle)

Is there a way to change the default position that the camera starts at, after a power cycle/restart? We’ve had a few brown outs here and each time i’ve found the camera facing the wall. I’d like to make sure the camera is always pointing correctly, even after a power cycle.

Anyone ??? Bueller ???



damn. left hanging for two weeks. It’s a good question since I have a similar annoyance.

The waypoint position selected and saved will become the new home position. You can set 4 waypoint positions but the one selected before clicking “save” will be the new home position.

If you don’t like the cam going back to any home position after 15 seconds, then :

  • turn on both "Motion detect" and "Pan scan" together
  • turn both off
Then you can pan the cam to any position and it will stay there without going back to home position after 15 seconds.

@catcat1386 is what you describe for returning the pan cam to a home position after restart?

I want to have a home position without having my camera in Pan mode. It does not seem to boot to the default first waypoint unless in Pan mode.

There doesn’t seem to be a viable work-around.
A “SET HOME POSITION” feature needs to be created, to keep the camera’s user-selected viewpoint, even after a power cycle.

Secondarily, another feature should be “RETURN TO HOME AFTER 15 SECONDS?” option should exist to compliment the HOME POSITION.


My work around is to set a single waypoint and then put the cameran in PAN mode. When the camera reboots it will then go to the first waypoint and stay since there are no others.