User-defined Pan Cam position after a reset

Add the ability to lock the position of the camera so if there is a firmware update or power flicker, it returns to the locked or previous position. I have my camera up high and pointed down to cover most of the 1st floor. After a reset, it returns to looking straight ahead so it does not pick up motion on the ground.

If you set either a Detection Zone or a single-waypoint Pan Scan, the camera will return to that position after reset. This #wishlist topic would only be needed in cases where both of those options are not possible for the user’s situation.

All of my pan-cams stay in one location 99.99% of the time, thus are in one direction of view. I only pan when needed.

During firmware upgrades, power fluxes in my house, or random reboots the cameras default to a specific spot in their pan to view and need to be re-moved to the location I want.

It would be very nice to load up a spot on each cam and save it so that upon reboot, it returns to the spot I want, not it’s default.

My biggest complaint with the Pan Cam is it constantly moves out of position for whatever reason is causing it. It is beyond tedious to constantly have to manually reposition each camera back to the desired view. If we could set a default position lock to prevent it from moving would be a huge improvement.

Also being able to set our own default position means the camera will return to the position after reset or reboot. Or if we want to pan the camera to a different view for a second and then we could hit a button to have it return to our default position without having to manually set it again each time.

I mean the camera has a reset position. Why can’t it just be a reset position of our own choosing?

I have my Pan V3 set up hanging and it is constantly moving up angling toward the base. I always have to use the controls to move it and repoint it back to look down.