Home position?

Can the camera be set to return to a center home position after it has moved while tracking something?

Motion Tracking + zone motion detection - Motion in zone will trigger tracking, after camera moves change to full screen, then go back to detection position after 15s of inactivity

This means that you could turn motion tracking on, but set the default position while using a defined detection zone. The camera will keep tracking that event until it is unable to, and then reset after the 15 seconds!

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So that is a yes? It will return to its home position? I’d like that feature.

You mention setting a default position using a defined detection zone. How do you set the default camera position this way? The only way I changed the default position was setting a new first waypoint as someone else mentioned.

Setting a single position to return to will not work with Pan Scan.

With Pan Scan on your can set 2-4 positions it will scan back and forth between, moving every 10 seconds. If you have Motion Tracking on as well, and the camera detects motion it will follow until the event stops (or it reaches its end) and after 15 seconds of no motion it will resume its scan positions.

With Pan Scan turned off, if you set a Detection Zone and have motion tracking on it will act similar to the above scenario. It will follow motion until the motion stops or leaves its viewing area and wait 15 seconds before returning to the Detection Zone you have set. While following motion the Detection Zone will default to full screen to follow the motion, and once returning the set zone will resume only looking for motion in the defined zone.

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I apologize for not following up with your question! I some how managed to miss the notification of your reply.


Yes, after the camera stops tracking motion it will return to where you have set a Motion Detection Zone!

Is there a way to make the camera stay at any position instead of the saved Motion Detection Zone / Waypoint Position, assuming I am not using motion tracking ?

Mine never moves unless I manually move it.


Just discovered if I turned on both “Motion Tracking” and “Pan Scan” together, then TURN BOTH OFF, then I can manually move the camera to any position and the camera will stay there without going back to home position.

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It is worth mentioning that Pan Scan will turn off your Motion Detection Zone. If you have one of these set it will act as the default “home” position.

This means that if I set my Motion Detection Zone 90° to the left of the default position, and then move it to 90° to the right of the default position, after 15 seconds it will default back to the position 90° to the left. If you have this happen again please check this to make sure it is set to full screen.

If it is already set to this please let us know so we can investigate!

catcat1386’s answer is the ONLY solution that actually worked for me. So it’s a bug in the software, if toggling those two things on the main screen under “More” fixes the issue of it moving back from the position that it was set to.


When I try to set the detection zone, I get a message that says This device does not support this operation. I cannot get the camera to stay in the position I want. And I prefer not to set up my waypoints with just one position.