Pan Cam tracking returns to Home position while the tracked motion continues

Since one of the recent updates, the Pan Cam seems to no longer wait for idle (no movement) before returning to the home position. Even if I have moved the view through the app, after a period of time it will return to the home position.

When I purchased the camera (over a year ago), I had problems defining the home position, and it would seem to change with manual adjustment. Now that I have figured that out (turn tracking off, position camera, turn tracking on), it seems to return to that home position even when I am trying to move it to see things deliberately (placed in a window where I can turn to look inside the building).

I have not tried using the motion tracking activation under the camera … more settings to reset the home position … perhaps that would work too. But what I am confused about is the claim that it will return 15 seconds after idle (no motion), which seems no longer to be the case.

Has anyone esle noticed this behavior? Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?

Do you have the detection zone enabled? This will cause the camera to return to the area where you setup the zone.

Yes, but I was under the impression that it would not return to the home position until 15 seconds of no movement (indicated at the bottom of the page in that zone setting). As stated, that is not the case now.

Without the limited detection zone, it will track clouds sometimes. Are you suggesting that I disable the detection zone?

Yes, try it and see if it fixes the issue. I haven’t hade this issue.