Wyze Cam Pan V2 to stop going to "home" position

Hello all. I feel like I have a very simple request for my Cam Pan but I can not figure it out. Is there a way to have the camera automatically track motion and then stop and stay in that position when the motion stops, then resume automatic tracking once motion is picked back up again? As I have it now it will follow motion and then after 15 seconds it will go back to it’s “home” position. I have not messed with the pan scan or have set any waypoints. I can manually move the camera and it will stay there until it detects motion and will follow that until motion stops then will go back to the pervious position I had it in. Thank you for any help!

I don’t have a pan, but since it seems this functionality doesn’t exist, please create a new thread on the #wishlist category. Make sure to vote for it!

I do have a couple V1 pan cameras, and although they both in locations that seldom sees any motion, so hard for me to confirm this, however if I remember right, if you turn off Pan Scan and turn on Motion Tracking, it will do what you wish.
I don’t know if this applies on the Pan V2 however.

I don’t have Pan Scan on.