Pause Pan Scan during motion recording with Motion Tracking off

I wish for the Wyze Cam Pan to stop panning when tracking motion in the frame.

I have my Wyze Cam Pan using the Pan Scan mode for three way points. The camera starts recording when it detects motion. At the 10 second interval, The camera will pan away and does not capture the continued motion. I would prefer for it to stay until motion is not detected.

I understand the Motion Tracking option is available. Unfortunately, it is jerky at the current iteration and ends up recording a wall and missing most of the motion anyway. I can not use the Motion Tracking at this time.

It would be great for the camera to stay at a pan location (way point) if it detects motion.

Been a problem since day one - Wyze has NO fix for the pan cam jerky problem. Why I will NEVER buy another pan cam from Wyze. - NO real support from Wyze on the pan cams

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