Pan Cam ignore motion caused by Pan Scan with CamPlus

This is for Wyze Cam Pan. I think there is a critical problem with the current Pan Scan feature working together with motion recording. The Pan Scan feature can be much more useful and actually a killer feature for Wyze Cam Pan. But unfortunately with the current problem, it is almost useless, and even more harmful to Cam Plus subscribers – it’s not a killer feature but Cam Plus killer.

Here is the problem: the cam cannot distinguish a motion caused by an actual moving object or by the rotating camera (nothing moves). When Pan Scan is enabled with motion recording, the cam rotates every 10s to a new waypoint, and a motion will be detected to trigger a recording. This makes the cam record all the time, never stop.

For free users (i.e., non Cam Plus subscribers), there is a 5 minutes cooling down time after a 12 seconds recording. The problem is more like the motion recording almost cannot capture any actual moving objects, because the 12 seconds recording is always triggered by cam rotating but not moving objects.

For Cam Plus subscribers, it becomes harmful because there is no 5 minutes cooling down time. The cam will keep recording all day long into 5 minutes video clips and uploading to the cloud. It’s pretty much a waste of the user’s traffic (e.g., Comcast has 1.2TB monthly limit before charging more) and also Wyze cloud storage. It seems each of my cam uploads about 1~2GB per hour – that’s 0.7~1.4TB per month – and I have 4 of them…

Since Wyze can do motion tracking, it seems to have the ability to tell the moving object from the moving background. Such ability can be used to Pan Scan w/ motion recording too, to distinguish moving object vs. moving background by rotating cam. So that only moving objects will trigger a recording when Pan Scan is enabled. Another solution can be that the cam turn off motion detection temporarily when the cam is rotating by Pan Scan. I chatted and confirmed with a custom that Wyze currently doesn’t support either, and they suggested to turn off Pan Scan or motion recording.

Pan Scan is a useful feature to greatly expand the monitoring area of the cam. But this problem makes it useless for effective monitoring and harmful to the users that Wyze want to serve better for (i.e., the Cam Plus subscribers). I hope it can be fixed in a future firmware update.
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You are not alone. I have been having this problem for almost 2 months now and support cannot seem to find a fix. I have been sent 2 replacement cameras and still have this issue. Every time I open a ticket or communicate with support, they tell me to turn on detection zones to eliminate the problem areas. This is ridiculous on two accounts: 1. A camera should not record its own moment 2. Detection zones cannot be turned on when Way Points are set. You would think that employees of a company would know their own product. I have to keep educating them on how their equipment works. In the end after about 5 emails, they send me a new camera never actually fixing the problem. So now I have 3 broken cameras. FIX YOUR FIRMWARE!

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Yes and needless to say Im having a simuler issue to where my motion is not recording to the cam plus account that i have one tech support named Glen said he had to continue through email and poof nothing from him. Is this is how they treat customers he should be fired in my book. I went back on and talked to an Ian and he was really helpful couldnt fix the problem but had me send in the logs> I know tthey probally dont even look at these forums but maby they should

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Panning should not generate motion detection event

As I was repeatedly told by different Waze support reps, this is the expected behavior of using a pixel change algorithm. As a software developer myself, that is a classic clueless engineer response to a user problem. Don’t quote me the algorithm that is essentially nullifying the usefulness of the panning causing motion detection events. Essentially, this generates a new fake event every 5 minutes (due to the cool-off period) rendering motion detection useless.

Please fix this!