Do not move to default position after motion tracking

I use the cam pan to track my dogs movement in the house. I have Motion Tracking on, Motion tagging on, and Detecion Zones off.
When he moves, the camera will follow using motion tracking, but once no motion is detected, the camera will move back to the last spot I had manually moved it to.
This gets annoying as the spot the camera moves back to is out of the view of the dog, meaning the next time he moves again, the camera will not be recording.

Is there a way to turn off the default position and leave the camera in the same position it was left in from the last motion movement?


Sounds like you might have Pan Scan set to on


Thanks for the response tomp. I checked those settings and Pan Scan is off.

If you have a specific area set for motion detection the pan will return to that spot. Remove the detection zone and the cam will not return to the preset zone.

Hope that helps someone.


this is my exact issue. Wyze team, please address this!! please! i dont want to return the camera.

I have the same issue. It appears that the camera will return to its “home” position once it no longer detects movement for a period of time, not sure what it is. I agree with you. I would like the option for the camera to remain in the same position where it last detected motion. I don’t know if this post is considered as part of the “WISH LIST” if not I will add it to the wish list!

Try keeping motion tracking on, turning off pan scan, remove any waypoints in your pan scan settings, and turning off your detection zone. Does that accomplish your want?