Pan cam looses vertical home position after reset/power cycle?

My pan cam is located on a cabinet close to the ceiling, so the default position is pointing the lens downward (using the cam motor).
After a reset or power cycle (e.g. one of the frequent brief power outages in FL) the cam looses the vertical default position, so the lens is mostly pointing at the ceiling.
Does anyone know a way to save the vertical default position?
Thanks for your input!

Use Pan Scan and set one way-point, or set a detection zone after you have moved the view where you would like it to be. I’ve used both methods with success.

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Thanks for the tip…
I already had 3 waypoints set for the pan scan, so that didn’t help. But adding a detection zone works and the camera returns to that position after a reset. At least until I do pan scan, which turns off the detection zone again…

Setting ONE waypoint and turning on Pan Scan should keep it in place. Setting three defeats that.

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