PanCam v3 not keeping way point settings

I have recently noticed an issue with one PanCam v3, it will not keep the way points I set. It keeps getting off track to a different area. At first I thought it was the wind turning the mount, but after a couple of days of less windy days, I’ve come to find that it’s not the wind. I’ve done everything except deleting and going back to factory settings. Just putting it out there to see if anyone else has had this issue? Everything is up to date and none of my other v3s have this issue.

Update: may 19.
So I changed the pan cam with the issue with a good working one. All I did was take old one down and replace with new one with no issue. I mounted in the very same place, used same power source and rotated image 180°.
Exact same set up as cam with problem.
Im starting to think it’s a power issue or software. No way a perfectly good cam went to crap by putting in the same place.
Anyone got any input that makes sense?

What you’re describing seems like an issue that’s being tracked in the current fix-it-friday :

Waypoint issues have been noted in multiple topics. The most detail I’ve seen so far is here: