Wyze Cam Pan v3 Firmware Beta Test 3/19/2024


What’s New:

  • Added support for Camera as Chime function

Successfully updated 3 of 7 Cam Pan v3 cams for beta testing. I don’t own a Wyze Doorbell to test the chime function, but will keep an eye out for other possible non-chime anomalies related to this build.

Edit: Updated 2 additional CPv3 cams that are within earshot so I can test the Chime action from a rule/trigger. Thanks @Earl.Automation!

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It looks like it just added a Rule event called “Ring”.

So you can make it be anything… i.e. Front Door opens → Ring. Motion detected → Ring.

something like that. I like it. Audible options are nice.


That’s actually really handy!

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Excellent find! Thank you! I’ll test that out now…

On IOS there are no labels for the options so I’m it sure what they do…


Same for Android. I didn’t check the box until I saw this. I see the same options.


No labels under Android either. But the feature works great. :+1:



1st option is volume, 0-100 (works great):

2nd option is ???. Perhaps number of rings (duration) or ring type? I can’t change this and can only assume it’s fixed at Clear Doorbell as a ring type:

Rule history display:

Cam OG and OGT also work well with ring feature. Looks like no other cam models are supported at this time.


I tested as well and can confirm there is no labels as well. However, I also had to turn the speaker on the phone to hear the doorbell ring.

In addition, the first items is obviously the volume control, but the second seems to be the Chime sound, I think. The issue is that when you first set it up is shows “1”, but when you go to change it is says “Clear Doorbell” and then it cannot be put back to 1. I am guessing that 1 is actually Clear Doorbell

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