Ring Command/Action No longer Showing When creating Rule...Bring it Back!

The Ring Command/Action Feature that was present in PanCam v3 and Wyze OG’s when creating a rule is no longer showing. My Wyze App is up to date ( 2.50.6( 1 ) ) and I am using an iphone. I am able to see the ring action command on past rules I created but not when I am creating new rules. Contacted three wyze wizards via chat who were of no help. Please Bring the Ring Feature back!

I do very little with rules, but don’t ever remember seeing a “Ring” command. What is that supposed to do?
Speculation that since all your device names are in Spanish, that it is something else on the English my app uses.

The Wyze Cam OG’s and the Wyze PanCam v3’s had a feature up until recently where you could choose a command/action named ‘Ring’ where you could set a volume from 0 to 100. The action would turn your camera into a ‘doorbell chime’ notifying you depending on your created rule.

For example, I had a rule where if my wyze cams detected pets in my backyard my wyze cam og and Pan cam v3 would alert me with a loud chime coming from the camera speakers. I would use the ring option along with the blink function to have both alerts that I can hear and see.

The ring command was only available for OGs, Pancam v3’s, and Telephoto’s though. I am able to see the command on old rules created but it seems they took away the feature. I had upgraded cams solely to use that feature.

Also, I’m using the U.S. official wyze app updated with latest firmware on all wyze devices within the U.S.

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Was going to point you here:

but I see you’ve already found it. :slight_smile:

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