Forum Operations Feedback Thread

I haven’t seen an answer to this question in this topic, so I’ll ask it: What could be done to have posts in the Beta category be tagged better for easier search? @peepeep’s earlier post might be related, but a discussion in another topic is what prompted this question.

When looked at the list of topics in the Beta category, one of the things I noticed is that few of the topics seem to be tagged for product. I don’t know if that’s just the practice for people like @WyzeAndy or @WyzeJasonJ when posting there or if it’s a technical limitation of the Forum.

I’m not trying to pick on any specific Wyze folk. I have noticed when creating my own topics that some tags are not allowed in some categories. Since it’s relatively easy for a user to enter and leave the (software) beta program at will, if someone wanted to find the latest beta firmware for a specific product, then I’m not seeing an easy way to do that by constructing a category + tag search query. What am I missing?

I did find that I could reorder the topic list by creation date if I edit my URL:

Doing something like that at least makes it easier to go through posts in reverse chronology (of creation, not activity), and I also know that I can use my browser’s search function to find posts by title. I’m just wondering if tagging these posts more consistently would be helpful to others or if something like that is even currently possible.