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I think we can just use the bug tag, even though it’s barely a bug. Even better, the person who noticed it reports it to support so it can be passed up the chain.


That’s a fair answer. You have to have the right balance with the tags, and I can understand how too many would contribute to organizational clutter. Hopefully others reporting these sorts of things to Support will have better results than I have, because the responses I’ve experienced when trying to do this sort of thing in the past haven’t inspired much confidence in Wyze Support.


I haven’t seen an answer to this question in this topic, so I’ll ask it: What could be done to have posts in the Beta category be tagged better for easier search? @peepeep’s earlier post might be related, but a discussion in another topic is what prompted this question.

When looked at the list of topics in the Beta category, one of the things I noticed is that few of the topics seem to be tagged for product. I don’t know if that’s just the practice for people like @WyzeAndy or @WyzeJasonJ when posting there or if it’s a technical limitation of the Forum.

I’m not trying to pick on any specific Wyze folk. I have noticed when creating my own topics that some tags are not allowed in some categories. Since it’s relatively easy for a user to enter and leave the (software) beta program at will, if someone wanted to find the latest beta firmware for a specific product, then I’m not seeing an easy way to do that by constructing a category + tag search query. What am I missing?

I did find that I could reorder the topic list by creation date if I edit my URL:

Doing something like that at least makes it easier to go through posts in reverse chronology (of creation, not activity), and I also know that I can use my browser’s search function to find posts by title. I’m just wondering if tagging these posts more consistently would be helpful to others or if something like that is even currently possible.

I can’t speak to when employees do or do not tag topics in Beta, but I can confirm that you’re right… there was an error in setup of the category so that Products and Services tags could not be added after entering the required Beta-Category tag. That has been fixed.

But keep in mind that since hardware beta tests are not done in the open beta or discussed on the forum, the need to include a hardware tag does not happen that often. These would mostly be needed for beta firmware testing of existing products.


Hey! Right on! Thanks! :+1:

Yeah, and that’s the only use I was really thinking of for being able to apply those kinds of labels to topics (but then sometimes my thinking isn’t as expansive as maybe it should be).

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Would it make sense to reevaluate where some tags can be used? I’m thinking of the topic that includes this post:

The topic was originally in the Cameras category and tagged with android-and-ios and cam-pan-v3. @Seapup recategorized it, but it still feels incomplete to me: The information in the original post seems like a good suggestion for troubleshooting, but currently the troubleshooting tag can’t be used in a Tips & Tricks topic, and it’s also not-phone-specific, so android-and-ios would potentially be applicable.


I’ve opened up the Tips & Tricks category to accept tags from the General Troubleshooting tag group. I’ve also added those two tags to the subject topic.


I just saw that. Thanks!


A post was split to a new topic: Having issues swapping out a new hub

April 2022

I asked because a relatively new but active user changed his name in the middle of a big, fast-breaking super-active thread. I had been interacting with him at length, and then name change, so…

…hasn’t been an issue (for me at least) except that one time. :woman_shrugging:

Works for me, big time! :+1: