WYZE Pan Cam moves on its own

Anyone else have this issue, my camera motion tracking is 100% turned off. All other features as well so it will just sit like a v2 . Random time the camera will move its camera all the way up shoot the sky… Everytime I check the camera, I have to move it back down. This is so annoying.

I rebooted the device and it still does it on its own. Defective motor keeps on resetting?

This is annoying that I want to throw this to the trash and only got this camera less than two months.

Usually if the cam is doing a reset it will move all the way to each side and all the way up and down, if it is just moving up it does not sound like it is resetting. I would get support involved.

Long shot but do you by any chance have pan scan or detection zone turned on? If not it sounds like you should definitely take @WyzeJasonJ’s advice and open a support ticket.