Cam Pan v3 not returning to original position

I have 5 cam pan v3s. 2 usually return to the original position but the other 3 mostly do not. The 2 that mostly return correctly are against a wall while the 3 that do not return correctly are hanging and have 360 degree views. I have set each cam so that it’s 4 waypoints are the same and have defined a detection zone. I have set all of the cams to a motion setting of 1 and for each to PanScan. Has anyone else noticed that? Is there a way to limit where the camera can position itself? In other words can you limit the cam to only a 180 degree view.

This is a known problem with the Pan V3 that Wyze has acknowledged and they are working on.

The only way to limit the pan travel during scan is thru using waypoints. However this will not solve the drift problem, especially if you have Track Motion on.

“Track Motion” is the only setting that tells the cam to move beyond its fixed position or its fixed waypoints (depending on whether Pam & Scan is enabled). Disable Track Motion if you want to keep the cam from moving beyond a certain area.

As far as returning to the original position, sounds like 2 possibilities. The common one, but probably not your issue, is not having the cam set to stay still when you enable the detection zone. If it moves before the settings are saved, you may not get the position you expected.

The likely issue for you since the wonky ones are hanging may be “drift”. Are the cams fully secure on their mounts? Because every single time they move, even an imperceptible drift of the base relative to its mount will eventually have the cam positioned far off its original angle.

Hope that helps, or prompts some other ideas!