Pan cam loses its original camera angle

My Wyze Pan Cam seems to lose its original set viewing angle and I find myself resetting the viewing angle every two days.

My pan cam is set to motion tracking so it appears that the pan can is losing its original viewing angle slightly every time it tracks something. I have reset the position more than once in the motor control settings in the app. I wonder if something is loose in the motor. One other thing is that the camera is angled down, I wonder if that is contributing to the issue.

Any ideas on how i can improve on this issue?

Use Pan Scan and set one way-point, or set a detection zone with the view where you would like it to be. I’ve used both methods with success.

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I do have motion detection area set and the camera does return to the defined motion detection area after it is done motion tracking or after 15 seconds of it being moved. However the camera is slightly off a bit after few days and over time the difference can be significant. I think this is a motor issue and the fact the motor is not strong enough to bring back the camera to its original position everytime especially when the camera is tilted. My camera is probably tilted may be 15 degrees forward.

Mine is also tilted forward several degrees, and I’ve been using this camera for over a year now without this issue. However, there are a few members on the forum reporting the same thing as you. A search of the forum may yield a solution for you. If not…

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the previous website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

This is what I did , set one way-point, to Fix the problem, I believe it is a bug because I never had to do this Before , just recently It became a problem

I have the same issue and it is not with just one camera. If I just choose motion detection, it works ok for a few minutes - a few hours if I am lucky. We won’t even talk about the fact that motion detection is practically useless the way it constantly jumps side-to side, over correcting when it is not necessary. The detection algorithm needs some serious tweaking. Does any actually have smooth panning side-side? Up/down is not too bad, but side-to-side just constantly over shoots and only stops moving when there is complete stop of all motion.

Anyway, with motion detection on, I almost always go back to find the camera turned all the way counter clockwise looking at a wall. It is pretty consistent. If I combine it with panning on one set-point, it kind of works - until the app seems to switch the detection zone on and now I get no motion detection or event recording or notifications. I have tried many combinations of settings, and the only thing that leaves the camera working fairly consistent and as expected is the pan function with one or more setpoints, or using it as a stationary camera - which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the panning function.

Is anyone having good luck with using these pan cameras in the way there were intended to be used? Are you getting decent panning and motion control without losing the return position regularly and/or having it change just a little bit nearly every time the camera moves until the camera is eventually facing a wall or somewhere wildly off of the original direction? How about sound? My experience it that is is also basically unusable as it is so muffled that you can’t hardly understand anything that it picks up - both the pan can and the V2? i love idea and some things work fine, but this camera and software is very frustrating! I have half a dozen cameras and quite a few of the sensors, so it isn’t like I am just tire kicking. Am I the only one having these serious problems??

I know I am totally frustrated to the point of thinking about asking for a refund. This Pan V3 is nothing but a HUGE disappointment for me. Nowhere near the quality of product as the regular V3. Constantly having to reset it’s positions, Have followed all directions. Nothing but a POJ headache and totally disappointed