Why is the cam pan so difficult to use with motion tracking now?

My cam pan worked perfect a few months ago but ever since they released cam plus it’s gone wacky. I have to set a starting point by turning off motion tracking and selecting position and then turning motion track back on… Now when i do this the camera will reset to that position any time it wants. Most of the time it ignores any motion that goes by and just resets. I’ve tried to make it track me and make the camera turn all the way around but most of the time it will move once and then just reset even though it clearly tracks my motion going behind it.

Ive tried everything. Original app. Beta app. Every firmware update. Resetting. Resetting position. Turning off and on all settings. Yes all settings. I know for a fact the camera can continue spinning that way because i can manually do it on the app. Thats another issue tho. If i want to manually rotate the camera I have to turn off motion tracking otherwise the camera will fight with me to reset its position every second and every rotation. So i cant do a quick rotate around the area without turning off motion tracking. This wasnt the case months ago. Before i was able to pan the camera manually with motion tracking and it would reset after a good amount of time. Now it just doesnt care about the motion revolving the camera it mainly focuses itself in that one position. Basically making this camera a v2.

I do not want to use pan settings as i do want my default to be pointing at my front door… What i don’t want is it to reset after literally a second. I want it to make sure it detects my motion. Im trying to see how this works out for person detection and my lights with alexa but this makes it a bad choice when the camera wont motion detect correctly.


I have the same issue with setting a detection zone. I have to turn tracking off temporarily to set the detection zone, or it fights with me. I turn it back on once it’s set.

Question: when you go into detection zone settings, is that area you chose not sticking? If you set the stone, then leave that detection zone screen and go back into the screen is it showing the correct area you just set?

Or is it gradually moving over the course of time? I had a pan cam that would gradually move the detection zone. The issue was the motor in the pan cam itself being slightly off. So it thought it was returning to the point I set… But it was returning to a point slightly off. Over the course of a day it had moved the zone all the way to the wall.

I actually dont use detection zone anymore. I have it off and right now sensitivity maxed out to try to get it to rotate all the way. Still will reset

Detection zone would turn off and on by itself or reset same with my motion sensitivity or so it seemed. Usually resetting the app shows my correct settings.

Well, if you turn motion tracking on, it will follow motion, but it will stay at the last point it saw motion. It will not go back to a set point. The detection zone needs to be on for it to return to a set point.

I noticed that motion tracking can be hit or miss if you’re within 5 feet or so of the camera. It seems to have trouble keeping up with how quick the motion is (because of the closer range). But it follows motion very well at farther distances.

I have detection zone off and yet it resets the position every second

Motion will detect it from lets say my cat. The cat is detected slightly to the left. The camera shifts to the left sees the cat focuses on it for a second and then resets back to the right where it started while possibly missing the cat moving more off screen to the left. Before it would move and then stay on cat for awhile watching its every move until it went out of range.

Try turning the sensitivity down, and check the motor controls for how fast that moves. Tinkering with those settings seemed to help when I had some tracking issues.

Like i said i tried all settings. I’ve tried every combo of motor controls and sensitivity. Its either a faulty pan or firmware. I assumed i would get a response by wyze support people here too? Or is this strictly community

Mostly a community/user forum. You’d have to reach out to Wyze directly via chat, phone, or email.

There are some Wyze employees in the forums, but Wyze doesn’t consistently monitor and address concerns. They will try to help push your ticket up the chain if you’ve already reached out through the normal support channels and get a ticket.

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Anyone else have this problem?