Detection Zone Keeps Moving

I am beyond frustrated. I set the detection zone. I turn motion tracking on. At some point the detection zone changes and the camera is pointing the complete opposite direction from where the detection zone I set was. Go into the app, sure enough the detection zone changed.

Basically, it’s a useless feature and has been for months. I’ve contacted support, this is my last resort. I just want to be able to use motion tracking and have the camera go back to the area I set.

This is a bug (at least if you are experiencing what I am) that hasn’t been properly discussed. I don’t have the ‘completely opposite direction’ that you call out, but when I use my tablet, the zone changes slightly every time I go back to it. When I use my phone, I can’t even get close to the detection zone resolution I saw on my tablet.

To test this, tablet or otherwise, just set a detection zone, then go back to set a detection zone. I’m guessing you will see a change. I’m on iOS.


I am on Android, but I can try messing with this also to see if I experience the same issue.


@towelkingdom, what operating system are you using? iOS or Android?

I am using the app on Android and I have seen this issue happening to me as well for quite a while (since last Dec when I first bought the WYZE cams). It is slightly moved from the position I initially set. I thought I was doing something wrong.



Can you post screen captures of what you are seeing? Your problem is much more extreme than mine. Are you using a Pan? I use all V2s.

I have a Pan and have been trying to recreate this and mine has stayed where I set it since I posted a day or two ago saying I would play around with it.

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The issue I see on iOS is if I set a zone, then go back to set a zone, the window has drifted slightly.

If I try to set the zone on my phone instead of my iPad, I can’t create nearly the same sized box. The phone is severely limited to how small it can go.

Mine only drifts if I align the zone with the bottom of the view and even then it barely moves up a tiny bit.

Yeah I really have a problem with going to the edges, but I also have a drift problem if I set it in the center. Between two bushes, for example. It drifts towards one of the bushes.

The problem I had with setting a zone in the center to test for a drift was how to tell if it truly moves. For example the detection zone could stay in the same spot but the cam could slightly change where it parks which would make the zone look off.

So what I will do is aim the cam make marks somehow at the far edges of where it sees, like tape on a wall or something, then I will set a zone in the middle and also mark with tape or something and see if either move. Wife should really love this test lol.

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The difference between us is probably Pan vs V2. I have no idea how a Pan reacts to this (much less Android), so yours is great input. On mine, if I set a detection zone up against some edge, like a bush, I should see that same edge-to-edge alignment the next time I enter set a detection zone.

True, but the bushes around my house I can’t trust to stay stationary to make sure the wind has not affected them. I am trying to remove all possibilities of outside variables so I can definitely say it is a problem with the cam, app or firmware.

I simply uses the bushes as an edge reference point. The box should not move in relation to any reference point.

I’m not sure what kind of screenshot would show how it doesn’t stay set. I’ll see what I can do.

This is what I set earlier today.

This is where it ended up when I got home a bit ago.

So I see the camera changed position, but I don’t see the detection zone in the second picture. Do you mean the camera changes position (not the detection zone?)

I know this is a wild long shot,but is there any chance something bumped into your cam and moved it? It almost looks like it physically shifted position as well as rotating. I ask because I have had this happen - last night actually. If you are up for it, try moving thru your playback and see if you can pinpoint when it shifts.

Nothing can bump it, as it’s up too high. We have it to monitor our dogs while we are away (one has seizures).

I set everything back up last night, and here’s where it ended up this morning.