Detection Zone keeps resetting

Hi all,

Been using the Motion Zone detection in the app. Works great to reduce the amount of false alerts. The problem is that the set zone gets reset from time to time. Has anyone had this and did you figure why this happens?

My conclusion is that when the app updates, the Detection Zone gets reset. I am on latest Android prior to Android 10.

This has been an ongoing issue for months for me.

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My belief at this time is it keeps changing every time you enter until you hit on what it wants. I am on iOS, you are on Android. Seems to be much worse on smaller devices. I can’t even set a competent detection zone on smaller devices, like my phone. I have learned to set my detection zones on tablets, but this is a bug I think needs to be discussed.

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I found that if I set the detection zone (or any setting), I would stay on that page in the app for about 30 seconds, and then use the app back button, not the phone back button. That method has been more reliable for me. This is due to my upload speed. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


OMG. This is a real problem and it’s not happening just with updates. I recently posted this… Every day when I check our Pan Cam in the backyard I have to reset the detection window. Every day I set it back to the part of the yard I want it on, and every day I have to change it back to that part of the yard because when I look it’s been changed to some other random part of the yard - it’s as if some elf comes and moves it in the middle of the night. It’s driving me crazy! HELP!

Can you screen capture how much it changes?

You added to this conversation a year later. But in the old days the detection zone moved slightly each time you re-entered. So the trick was not to re-enter daily. Also, and I think this is still true today, if you used a larger screen like a tablet you could set a much finer zone than if you used something like a phone.

We will need Pan Cam users to add if there is anything special about that.

Can it lose track of where the zone is supposed to be if it pans more or less than it thinks it’s panned?

I have a Wyze cam pan from the beginning and it did loose the settings. However that has stopped a long time ago when I had deleted the camera and re-added it to my account.

Hi. I did post separately on the topic in hopes of getting an answer.
I re-enter nighly as we have wildlife we watch for each evening. Also, whenever the motion detector goes off it sends me a notice so I am generally out there a lot - in the viewing of the live feed, not the detection zone unless it’s gone off course. I don’t have a screenshot to share, but the camera can often be off by 90 degrees or more. I thought it was wind (we do have a lot) but I’ve also tested in days without wind and it is always altered (not always to the same degree or direction). It is just ODD! Plus, it appears to move on its own and not when I’m in viewing but before and then again after I move it back. Thanks for your help!

Try going to setting->Motor Control->Detection Settings and set the way point for the camera to always return to. Also disable the Motion tracking for the Pan Cam. This may solve your issue. It solved mi e a long time ago.

I’ve had the Pan Cam for about 6 months. It is set up in my living room, and I always run a ceiling fan. The detection Zone is set now, to not include the fan, but it continuously resets to stare at the fan. I just walked into my house, right in front of the camera, and it did not detect me or follow me at all. I have tried to reset the zone, and turn on/off, reset motor controls, but the Pan Cam will stop for a day maybe, then revert to whatever detection zone it wants… Can anyone help cuz it is driving me nuts!

If you had tried to o reset the camera to factory and add it with all of your preferences, than I would recommend to use the support option in the Wyze app and send them your device log a long with the description which you provided to the community.

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