Detection Zone Keeps Moving

The detection zone has moved on my cams (just a smidgen) for as long as I can remember. Both cameras also move out of position on occasion as well… sometimes way out of position.

I have the problem with the Wyze Cam Pan defecting outside the detection zone, no matter how is set it, it is like it is not even there. Like it is set for the whole area instead of where it is set.

I know nothing can bump your cam but could something be pulling or bumping the cord? I’m only kicking this horse because that’s exactly what happened to mine - a bird flew into the cord and pulled the cam around.
I have 4 pans and have never seen anything cause this problem. I have had a lot of problems with not returning to detection position.
Another possibility - is your cam shared?

Cam isn’t shared, and there’s nothing for the cord to get caught on or bumped (and even then there’s slack so it would take a good pull).

I think I figured out the problem, though. As I was using the controls to pan, the camera will move slightly further to the left than the right when clicking once. So, say I move the camera left one press and right one press, it’s slightly off. I guess having motion tracking on it eventually just keeps drifting.

I’m assuming this is also the reason that my pan scan settings also move from where they were set.

I’ve noticed that the camera doesn’t keep up when panning vertically. But it jumps 10 to 20 degrees left to right when motion tracking.

I’ll have to grab a video sometime to show how jerky the left right movements are and how almost non existent the vertical movements are.

As I said I have pans also and have never had this problem. This I would consider as a definite support issue. I suggest you Open a support request -get the big guns involved.
My guess is that it’s going to be a replacement issue.
Your dogs are too important!

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I have the same problem with my pan. Usually it sets itself about 15-30° to the left of where I started . It seems to happen where there is extended movement in an area and will cause the camera to default to the wrong area. My Pan will completely flip around to look at the flare from it’s own IR at night and wiggle around for a few hours before returning to the wrong area. Support is sending me a new one so we will see soon this is a hardware issue or a software.

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I use Android. My new Pan Cam continuously resets itself and faces the wall. I’ve set the detection area and the motor controls, repeatedly. It keeps turning itself back to the wall after a random period of time. It is mounted and nothing is hitting it. I also just reformated the Wyze SD card using the Wyze App and now it will not recognize the card. I’m beyond frustrated with this thing! Suggestions?

As far as the card goes, make sure you are using a 32Gb card (only one Wyze Support) and remove it and format in aPC. The cam does only a top level format. If you need software to do a full format this is the industry standard program.
SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association
As far as the cam goes, try:

  1. turn off motion detection and tracking
  2. turn off pan scan
  3. go to settings/advanced settings/ motor controls/reset position and reset position
    This puts you back at’ square one’. Point the cam in the direction you want it to view using the round part of the base, not the body of the cam. The idea here is to get it positioned where you want it while it thinks it is still at ground zero.
    Then set either your detection zone or Pan scan settings. My experience has been that the’ return to detection zone’ functionality is iffy at best.
    If you want to force it to return to one spot after you pan it, clear out your pan scan settings, point the cam where you want it to return and set that as your only pan scan position setting. Then turn on pan scan. Essentially you have a one stop scan.
    If this doesn’t work you can try a factory reset and re-add the cam. If all else fails you can Open a Support Ticket and request a replacement if you are under warranty.
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