BUG? Setting detection zone results in camera moving to wrong position

Everytime I Set detection zone to on the camera will move to an incorrect position.
If i then set the position back to where I want it, in about 5 seconds it then moves on it’s own facing the wall again.
I have reset the position, restarted the unit, toggled on/off detection zone to no avail.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Do you have Motion Tracking or Pan Scan enabled?

No, neither of those were enabled.
I think the source of my issue is that I originally set the motion detection zone, but then I needed to reinstall my camera so the original position was not exact. I’m not sure.

It looks like after playing with a bunch of settings, I was able to prevent it from moving into the wrong position by adding a “waypoint”. It seems to remain put for now.

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