Camera position using detection zone

How do you lock in where the camera is pointing? I set a detection zone but the camera always moves to a lower position after tit is set.

Any help would be appreciated.

Turn off (disable) your Detection Zone and return to the Live Stream.

Turn off Pan Scan and Motion Tracking using the icon bar. You may have to pull it to the left to reveal all the icons.

Adjust the cam to the exact position you want it to point.

Turn the Detection Zone back on and adjust the blocks exactly as you want them. Don’t adjust the position of the cam here as the cam may try to return to the previously set home position before you can enable\disable a block and save it.

Note: the Cam Pan V3 has a reported issue at this time that is causing it to return to a position slightly “off” from the Home Position, especially pronounced in the vertical positioning, when the cam utilizes the Motion Tracking feature. This is an issue Wyze is aware of and is working to fix.

Thanks, I will give it a try

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