Fix-It Friday 7/7/2023

Good afternoon! :grinning:

Ready for the weekend? We know we are! But before we run away from our workstations, let’s go through another round of Fix-It Friday!

:thinking: Core - Wyze Cam Pan v3 randomly stops recording :thinking:

We have a fix for this in beta! Please try out if you’re a beta tester and let us know how it performs!

:sob: Forum - Playback goes to the most recent part of the timeline from an Event Video on iOS instead of the actual time of the recording :sob:

We have a fix for this in the upcoming 2.44 app. Beta testers, get ready to put this through its paces!

:telephone_receiver: Reddit - Phone call audio has to be turned on to hear audio through the iOS app for grouped cameras :telephone_receiver:

We haven’t been able to reproduce this and are looking for help with gathering data. If you’re affected, could you please post a screen recording of this issue so we can check it out?

:flashlight: Discord - Wyze Cam v3 does not stay connected to the Spotlight accessory :flashlight:

We’re looking into the submitted logs for this now! We’ll let you know if we need more later.

:black_square_button: Bonus Forum - Wyze Cam v2 Detection Zone reverted to a box instead of a grid :black_square_button:

This is related to a firmware issue that we need to resolve. We’re looking into that and alternative solutions.

- Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions -

:floppy_disk: Core - Playback stutters when selected for the first few seconds of Playback from the microSD card :floppy_disk:

Wyze Cam v3 firmware is gradually releasing! More folks will have it available over the upcoming weeks. It has a fix for this problem.

:clock12: Forum - Wyze Cam v3 microSD card Playback is skipping the first minute of every hour (excluding midnight) :clock12:

This is also resolved in the gradually releasing Wyze Cam v3 firmware! If you don’t have the update yet, you’ll receive it in the upcoming weeks!

:angry: Core - Cameras appear offline in the app, though they are online and viewable :angry:

We are in QA testing for a new build that addresses the blocker we mentioned last week. Thanks for your patience!

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Core - Error 3001 is happening on cameras such as Wyze Cam v2 :negative_squared_cross_mark:

We’ve found several bugs during QA and are investigating them. We’re continuing to progress on this build.

:cloud_with_rain: Forum - Wyze Sprinkler Controller schedule skipping days :cloud_with_rain:

It looks like Rules are working for folks. As a workaround, please try that method of control! We’re going to keep an eye out for more discussion on this one. It’s possible that our outcome here will be providing replacements as needed and recommending Rules if we aren’t able to identify a root cause.

:face_with_monocle: Forum - When Wyze Cam v3s are in a group some of them will fail to load live feeds and return an Error Code 90 :face_with_monocle:

We’re still looking for logs (and thank you to the people who have sent some in!). We know that this is an involved process but they really help! We’ll be building specific metrics to monitor this but could use your assistance. Could you please send those in along with your camera’s MAC address (you can find this in Camera Settings > Device Info) and the timestamp for when the camera went offline? Here are the log instructions:

When the device shows offline, please take out the microSD card and wait a second before re-inserting the card (or inserting a new microSD card). The camera will then make two “ding” sounds usually within 30 seconds.

On your microSD card, there will be a root or log folder with the device log that you can access with a computer. The files are named as xxxxx_log.txt. If there are multiple logs, select the most recent log file.

When you have the log, please email it along with a description of the issue and the date, time, and time zone that it occurred to:

:house: Reddit - Wyze Cam Pan v3 does not return to set home position :house:

Test results for future device performance are looking better but the drift is still visible to the naked eye. Our game plan now is to implement the new strategy to the production line, collect more data points about the hardware deviation that is leading to drifting, and then release a new firmware that will adjust to improve the performance of the existing devices. We know that this has taken a while and we appreciate your patience.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!