Fix-It Friday - 12/1/2023

Fix-It Friday Callout

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday! :grinning:

You know what that means. it means it is time for this month’s Fix-It-Friday callout! :tada:

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support , our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

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If you want to see how this works, you can check this previous Fix-It Friday post:


Please fix the video playback stutter on event playback for those that have “Record Sound” turned OFF under advanced settings. Here is a link to the thread where a customer identified the cause of this issue:

It happens on both my V3 and V3 pro cameras.
In some states it is not legal to record conversations without permission, so many of us turn “Record Sound” OFF.


Well, I was way too eager to celebrate this issue as fixed.

It is not only not fixed, it’s even worse!

Before, (incorrectly) it would show red when no recording or remote viewing was happening. In this state, at least one would be wondering who was watching, and maybe react accordingly.

But now, the red light will do one of three things:

  1. On some of my V3’s, it will just stay blue when someone IS VIEWING.
  2. Some V3Pro’s, it will turn red for a second or so, then revert to blue, when someone IS VIEWING
  3. Some V3Pro’s will turn red and stay red when someone is viewing.

This is happening on multiple cameras, multiple accounts, multiple networks.

This is worse, because now people can be viewing others “in secret”.

Wyze says that the red light will be on when recording events to the cloud, and, when being remotely viewed.

This is a serious privacy issue, even if the cameras are your own, your own account, or if they are being viewed by someone that you have shared with. The lights not working as they should is nowhere near acceptable from a privacy and security standpoint.

I hope this is fixed for both the V3 and V3Pro very soon.

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Same issue with 14 cameras. At least they know where the issue is.

But they never fixed the camera studdering issue for me but said it wasn’t my cameras. Then told me to buy all new cameras - 14 new v3s and I have them now…three set of camera lol.

Gotta keep working on common issues.

But thanks for posting that you know what’s going on.

Thanks for doing this, it’s appreciated. I’m having an issue with a Wyze Scale that’s no longer under warranty (story of my life :confused:). Everything I’ve read/seen says there’s a reset button, but I can’t locate it. Where is the reset button on the Wyze Scale WHSCL1? Despite changing the batteries several times the display will no longer activate/light up. Any ideas?

The Wyze original scale has been the most dependable Wyze device I own.
I have replaced batteries three times since June of 2020 when I installed it.
I have no idea where the reset button is on it though.
Does the Wyze app show the data from the scale?
If you look in the app at the scale, under settings, Device Info, does it show a Mac address, firmware version, etc?
My WHSCL1 shows 11.4 as the firmware and plugin Version as
I would say to try to delete it via the app then re-add it, but without the LED readout, I don’t know if that is a good idea. Have you called Wyze support about it?

Thank you for the reply! I thought about deleting it reacting it but agree probably not a good idea. We have actually says connected, but doesn’t respond to any changes or prompts. Thank you though. I didn’t call them but I posted on the Friday fix forum also. I’ll give that a chance before doing anything else.

And thank you for providing detailed info about your scale! I’ll compare…

Video Doorbell v2 event’s Jump to SD is buggy almost always fails

When I click on a motion event in the app from either the general events feed or the doorbell’s feed itself, it briefly shows the event (for a second) and then, without doing anything else, jumps to about 7am (regardless of the event time). It makes using the SD card to look at events pretty useless because I have to manually find the event.

Can this please be fixed in the next app release?


Wyze Floodlight’s Cam v3 audio recording to SD doesn’t work. I hear static occasionally but the real audio is missing

Ref: Wyze has disabled audio recording from SD card on FLOODLIGHT cam v3

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I’ve reported about this for months now but whenever I open a camera group, some will say " this device is offline" and also some won’t load and I have to remove camera from group, clear app cache and force close app and then they’ll load.

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This is fixed now. :+1:

Not sure when. I’ve been consistently working around it.

Playback unavailable from Event video accessed via Notification

Tapping a new Event notification opens the Wyze app and plays the Event video.

The Playback icon overlaid on the video is inactive.

To access the the SD footage corresponding to the cloud Event, you must back out to the Event list and reselect it.

Been that way as long as I can remember.

Android, v2, Cam Plus Lite

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Same. Android, V3, Cam Plus.

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Can you send me a log from one of your v3’s and one from one of your v3 Pro’s that have the status light working incorrectly and let me know the log numbers.

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Video Doorbell NOT showing or detecting DELIVERY drivers…

This is an ONGOING situation which is no longer funny, or coincidence (Gibbs Rule #39! )



Driveway Cam V3 nails the driver coming up the drive, rounds the corner to the door, where I and every other person on the planet is detected fine, NOTHING!

I did get one match about a week ago… which after checking some details, I figured out why… There was ANOTHER TRIGGER EVENT that occurred to nail them! Residents were opening the door as the delivery just so happened to occur at the same time, so it was caught.

This is not correct operation.

I plan on doing some other testing, but if I end up having to put a V3 there to capture these events…that certainly is not the acceptable path now is it?

YES the FIRMWARE IS CURRENT, as that was done, I think stupidly to get attempt to get Alexa working to show the doorbell. That does NOT WORK either. Alexa will announce “Person detected…” and play the chime I’ve set up on ding dong events… but Alexa show me the Front Door, gyrations,… The camera is not responding… I am afraid I can’t do that Dave!


And Yes, I am sitting on a horde of Security stuff and Home Monitoring Activation to PAY EVEN MORE $$$ for less then acceptable performance.

The more this occurs, the more I am inclined to agree there is some sinister AI removal of these events… It is JUST TOO REPEATABLE to be coincidence (Gibbs Rule #39! ) and if the tests I perform in the coming days do what I think they will… which I am also working on testing something related to some other potential similar AI situations… which I hope is not true either… but… again, repeatable events by others… says otherwise.

If I am spending $200/YEAR on subs, my camera better tell me Person detected, Package detected and show it on the recordings.

Please address. Thank you.

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Hi Jason!
I just saw this pop up.
Sure, I will get that done tonight after I get home.
Thank you for asking!

Please keep us updated!!

Here they are:
1252879 V3
1252877 V3Pro
1252873 V3