Wyze has disabled audio recording from SD card on FLOODLIGHT cam v3

I have noticed that Wyze has now disabled the audio recording function on my wyze FLOODLIGHT cam v3. Is there a reason for this. Please don’t tell me to reset the cameras because I have already done this. Doesn’t make sense to have wyze SD cards in the cam v3 if you are unable to capture audio with the video. Is there a solution for this issue?


Are you referring to audio recorded when playing Cloud Event Video uploads or SD Card Playback Video?

In the Advanced Settings menu for the cam, have you insured the “Record Sound” is toggled on?

In the Event player screen and the SD Card Playback screen, have you insured that the Sound toggle button is enabled?

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I am referring to audio recorded when playing on sd card playback video. Actually, when I took out SD card and played back footage on my computer no audio was recorded onto SD card. This suggests audio function has been disabled to record onto SD card.

Yes, my " record sound" is is toggled on in advance settings menu. Also, in event player screen and the SD card playback screen, sound toggle button is enabled.

Does audio work when watching a camera live? If not, maybe the mic has failed.

For what it’s worth, I just checked a couple of my V3s (not spotlight) and audio recording was working just fine.

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When cameras are live, audio is fine. When I record from live feed, audio is fine. However, when I hit playback and start recording from sd card, no audio is heard. Also, during playback of the recorded footage there is no audio. My conclusion, I believe the sd card audio record mode has been disabled on my FLOODLIGHT camv3 by Wyze.

Since the audio plays on the phone when you are viewing the Playback video directly from the SD Card mounted in the cam, the cam is recording audio with the video and saving it on the SD Card. Otherwise you would also have no sound in your SD Card Playback in the App.

However, when you play that MP4 SD Card Video while mounted in an external reader, or when you Record the video and save it to your phone and then try to play that video in a 3rd party app player, no audio is heard.

This suggests that the external 3rd party apps and programs being used to play the video are not able to process the audio codec used to embed it. The app can handle it but the 3rd party players can’t.

My point, I AM NOT GETTING SOUND RECORDINGS ONTO MY SD CARDS in my floodlight camv3s. I know this to be true because no audio is on my sd card when I play it on my computer. Also, when I record straight from the sd card via my phone, there is video but no audio in playback mode.

When I record from sd card the captured image goes straight to the wyze app album not a 3rd party app.

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May be a codec error with the player on the computer unable to read the audio encryption.

Again, recording it and then playing it on the phone is taking the play function out of the Wyze App. The player app on the phone may not be able to read the codec.

The definitive test to determine if the cam is recording sound to the SD Card with the video:

Open the cam to live view.
Press the Playback Bar.
When the SD Video plays, is there sound?
If yes, then it IS recording sound.
If no, it is not recording sound.

This is not the first time that phones have had issues with the Audio Codec used by Wyze in their videos. The app is embedded with that codec so it plays the audio fine.

Many have found that VLC Player has the most comprehensive audio codec library available.

Nope. Never had this issue in the past . If codec was changed that would mean wyze changed it on their app because all the recording and playback is going through their app not a 3rd party.

Is the audio playing when played in the App SD Card Playback?

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No audio playing when played in app sd card playback mode.

By the way, I did not solve this issue. I don’t know why it says I have resolved concern.

Got it. Can you please confirm the firmware version on the cam and the app version?

It is marked resolved because you checked the green Solution checkmark in your post above.

Do you know how I can remove SOLUTION?

No, I do not. Perhaps a moderator has a way to do that. @Seapup responded above, so they might have that ability.

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Both floodlight camv3s
Have firmware version

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Wyze app version

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Got it. Thank you for the tag. :+1:

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I see the discussion and wanted to know if you tried toggling the Record Audio option off, then restarting your phone, then toggling it back on.

Why you may ask: In the past I have had an issue where the toggle showed one thing and in reality the other was true. I found out because I have multiple phones and use Android and iOS. iOS would show something as on Android would show it off. Once I reset it, everything was fine.

Curious if this issue has returned.

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I will try that troubleshooting suggestion and give a follow up response.