Wyze Cam v3 playback of events no longer working

I have a Wyze FloodCam (Wyze cam v3) with no SD card installed. I pay for CamPlus, which this cam is part of. I used to be able to view and playback events recorded to the cloud but sometime in the past week I’m unable to do so! When I click on View Playback it now tells me “MicroSD Card Not Found” (which it did before), but I used to still be able to playback events, now the button I use to click on to do that now says “Shop”! What happened???!

You need to have an SD to use “View Playback” . Viewing Cam Plus event videos is done from the events page. There are many post here where people have both cam plus and SD cards in the cameras recording continuous that get the same message as you. I have this issue on my newest V3 installed two weeks ago. Using View play back (from the SD) card in live view works just great, If I try to playback the SD from the events page I get the message. All the other cams work just fine.

Are you using the events page to view Cam Plus videos?

If you want to view cloud-recorded events, that “Playback” button is NOT the way to do it. I’m surprised that you can even click it. The way to view cloud recordings depend on which floodlight cam you have. there’s the old and the new way.


Typical Wyze; when you need an active button, it’s greyed out. When you don’t need the button, it’s active.

This is the way I’ve ALWAYS done it. Prior to last week, the “Shop” button was not a “Shop” button, but instead was a “View Events” button, so something changed.

I do know what you mean about the greyed out buttons… very annoying. Also typical Wyze to inconvenience their customers in lieu of trying to sell them more products (by changing the ‘View Events’ button to a ‘Shop’ button).

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for this information. I found the Events page and can now see my recordings as before. Of course they would replace the “View Events” button with a “Shop” button… “Let’s inconvenience the customer in lieu of trying to sell them more products!”… That’s Wyze for ya…

No. I have had the Wyze app since the V1 days. “Playback” has always been used to see the contents of the SD card. Since you don’t one installed, that button won’t work. In fact, it should have been greyed out or not shown at all.

Yes, agreed it should be greyed out… but as I stated, prior to last week there was no “Shop” button… It was indeed a “View Events” button. I didn’t even know the “Events” page existed until today, so I had to have been watching my recordings somehow. I was programmed to click these series of buttons to view my recordings, so I know I’m not crazy.