Floodlight Cam Sound Issue

When I am watching the floodlight cam, sound works. When I watch playback with the Sound icon selected, it does not. Should I be toggling something else on in the settings?

Do you have the “record sound” enabled in the camera advanced settings? I don’t have the floodlight myself, but my others cameras have that option.

If you are talking about the old Floodlight with the V3 camera attached, then you will need to update to the beta firmware of Please note the beta firmware introduced another weird behavior which I mentioned below.

If you are not comfortable updating to beta firmware, then your only other choice is to manual flash firmware with the following instructions.


Yes it’s enabled

That’s crazy. Why did it change?
Wyze always playing with stuff.

I have no idea. This weird behavior was recently introduced from the previous V3 beta I already reported this to them and hopefully they won’t release it to the public.

With this in mind, you are stuck between the latest beta firmware which has this behavior or you have to manual flash a really old firmware if you want to fix your old Floodlight playback audio issue.

FYI, Pan Cam V2 and V3 Pro should also have this same behavior with the latest beta and beta respectively. It is very likely they are from the same branch firmware.