Camera Floodlight Pro, no sound on any Event playback

Record Sound is enabled under the Advanced Setting on my Camera Floodlight Pro.

None of the Events have sound when the Event is replayed.

It’s an advertised feature. Why is it not working?

I have a flood light Pro (FLP) as well and have sound in all of my events. It is always helpful if you provide the App Version you are using, the Type of Device you are streaming from, as well as the Firmware version of the device you are having issues with, in the case the FLP.

However, here are a few things to check.

Make sure the event Sound Toggle is on:

In addition to the toggle on the event, when you go to the FLP, tap on the settings icon, go to Advanced Settings and make sure Record Audio is turned on:

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Both the camera software and app are current.
The app is Android.
I am viewing the Events on Win10 computer.
The speaker is not muted.
I can hear sound on a Live Stream but not on replayed Events.

Since you are viewing on W10, what are you using to View?

Tiny Cam, Wyze Live View? or something else?

Also, can you check on your phone to see if you can hear the audio there

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I view on an Android cell phone and a W10 computer. The sound is unmuted on both.

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I am running Floodlight Pro Beta Firmware Version 2.1.999 in Wyze Production App on a Moto G Stylus running Android 11.

All my Event Videos uploaded from the FLP have sound as well. I previously ran the Production Firmware 2.0.944 and experienced no issues.

When you download an Event Video Clip to your Gallery, does the downloaded video play with sound on your default player?