Floodlight does not record sound and other problems

I own two cameras: Cam Floodlight (V3) and Cam Pan. Both use a micro SD card to store video. The floodlight is wired.

  1. The floodlight is set to record sound events. However, all I see is a thumbnail for the event. Selecting the event does not show playback or sound. My Cam Pan does play video with sound when there’s a sound event.

  2. The floodlight is directed towards my driveway on a downward angle to the left. The Cam Pan is located on my second floor facing straight down my driveway. I would expect that both cameras would capture the same event. However, when the Cam Pan captures an event, the floodlight camera does not seem to see it.

Can anyone shed some light on these issues? I’m up to date on firmware for both devices and my Android app is up to date also.

Do you have cam plus lite or cam plus on this camera? Without one of them the cam will only record snapshots with a 5 min cooldown to the cloud. If you use the SD card in events only mode you should be able to see the full length video, but you need to use the “playback” button, not the events tab.

Thanks for the info. Your reply should answer #2.

However, #1 is still a problem for me.