Issues with floodlights after firmware update

TL;DR - if you updated your floodlight cam v3’s to before Wyze took it down, you may be having a bunch of issues that will (hopefully) be solved if you re-flash it back to the former version, instructions are here.

We have 2 floodlights with cam v3’s on them. Have been working great from December '21 (1st one installed) and February '22 (2nd one installed). We have the Pro subscription for both. Took me a while to get the settings all dialed and tuned for our needs but they were just humming along, doing great for months. Fast forward to us being away on a trip in July, like a dummy I agreed to a firmware update for both the cam v3’s (version and the floodlights (version and bam, started having all kinds of issues. The cams were seemingly only triggering recordings on sound (which was toggled off as an option), and would only play the first few seconds of a video before giving “Error (code 3001): Unknown. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze Support in Settings.”

I worked extensively with customer support and they were very responsive and helpful. Everything they had me try did not work (delete floodlight, power off, re-install/setup, etc) and eventually they instructed me to flash the cam v3’s to the former firmware (which is what I wanted to do initially but they had me try the other stuff, first). The buggy firmware was also taken down off their list that same day, so I appreciated their concern for any others to have the same problems. Once I reflashed back to the former version,, seemed like all was much better.

Now, a few days in, I’m finding that the triggering of recordings is still not what it used to be and now suspect that the PIR settings on the floodlights got screwed up with that firmware update. I used to have the recordings triggered just by PIR (before this fiasco) but now the cams aren’t picking up anything but very obvious big events, with sensitivity on 100. I changed to include recording off of camera sensor and now have that working better.

I’m posting this long-ass diatribe in hopes that it helps anyone else having floodlight issues since the updates to (cam) and (floodlight). I’m hoping a future floodlight firmware update will correct those issues but for now, my cams are working a lot more like they used to.

[Mod Note]: Topic moved to #beta category for better visibility as Cam v3 firmware version is a beta release.

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Does this explain why my floodlight is constantly being triggered by cars headlights all night long ? Even when set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor ?

It went a week with working right and then now it’s being triggered by everything and anything again .

My old dumb floodlight was never this bad

I updated to the latest from 8/15/22 ( and the same problem remains. The floodlight cycles on/off every minute.

Ugh, that’s annoying. Have you reached out to support?

What are your floodlight settings ? Screenshots please

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