Others having floodlight PIR detection issues?

TL;DR - anyone having issues with your floodlight’s PIR sensor no longer detecting movement well, especially after a firmware update?

We’ve had 2 floodlight cams since December '21 and they were working/detecting motion great until a firmware update (both cam & floodlight updated) in July and they’ve been a mess, since. Customer support has worked with me diligently but we’re starting to do the same loop of trial/error over and over, without improvement.

Used to love our Wyze floodlight cams but not so much these last few months…


Check the settings in the cams settings > accessories > floodlight. Try adjusting the sensitivity, and other settings. Sometimes settings can be reverted after a firmware update.

I’ve definitely done that many times. Thx for the suggestion, tho.

Same settings as Dec-July are no longer performing the same, I’m afraid. Or any other combo of settings, which I try regularly, just to get back to the right balance we had achieved before for our needs.


I have had the floodlight for 9 months now .

It’s given me so many problems with the camera , por sensor , floodlight , etc .

No matter how i adjusted the settings , it would never detect me walking by it but would get triggered on by rain , bugs , cars headlights, etc .

The other day I moved the pir sensor more downwards facing my driveway and it seems to be doing somewhat better . I turned the sensitivity high and it detects well

Still a bit of a delay to turn on , about 3-5 seconds .

It has been a very unreliable product from Wyze on my part

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Problems with PIR sensor on floodlight cams (2 of them) since update to Any chance there’s a firmware update on the way to improve/repair PIR sensor performance?


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Keep an eye on the change log/firmware page and the forums to be notified if and when there is an update.

What troubleshooting have you done with Support that has turned into a loop?


Hi srogers,

What is your current firmware version for V3 camera?

Same issues here

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Yes same here

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