Others having floodlight PIR detection issues?

TL;DR - anyone having issues with your floodlight’s PIR sensor no longer detecting movement well, especially after a firmware update?

We’ve had 2 floodlight cams since December '21 and they were working/detecting motion great until a firmware update (both cam & floodlight updated) in July and they’ve been a mess, since. Customer support has worked with me diligently but we’re starting to do the same loop of trial/error over and over, without improvement.

Used to love our Wyze floodlight cams but not so much these last few months…


Check the settings in the cams settings > accessories > floodlight. Try adjusting the sensitivity, and other settings. Sometimes settings can be reverted after a firmware update.

I’ve definitely done that many times. Thx for the suggestion, tho.

Same settings as Dec-July are no longer performing the same, I’m afraid. Or any other combo of settings, which I try regularly, just to get back to the right balance we had achieved before for our needs.


I have had the floodlight for 9 months now .

It’s given me so many problems with the camera , por sensor , floodlight , etc .

No matter how i adjusted the settings , it would never detect me walking by it but would get triggered on by rain , bugs , cars headlights, etc .

The other day I moved the pir sensor more downwards facing my driveway and it seems to be doing somewhat better . I turned the sensitivity high and it detects well

Still a bit of a delay to turn on , about 3-5 seconds .

It has been a very unreliable product from Wyze on my part


Problems with PIR sensor on floodlight cams (2 of them) since update to Any chance there’s a firmware update on the way to improve/repair PIR sensor performance?


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Keep an eye on the change log/firmware page and the forums to be notified if and when there is an update.

What troubleshooting have you done with Support that has turned into a loop?


Hi srogers,

What is your current firmware version for V3 camera?

Same issues here


Yes same here


I have two, installed with a month gap in different locations. Both PIRs completely unresponsive on any settings. Only the camera trigger works. Latest firmware -

I do get response when the person is almost right under the light but not before that. I ended up using the camera to detect motion, installed cheap motion lights around the area, and now it triggers every time.

I understand those motion lights are installed a bit lower and closer to the ground, but it’s a shame that the floodlight PIR sensor is so insensitive.

Since I have cam plus lite the light won’t get triggered when it’s in the 5 min cooldown period. So I’ve set the floodlight to stay on for 5 mins when motion is detected by camera.

To avoid triggers from rain, bugs and snow, I’ve also turned off the night vision lights and so far the starlight sensor is working fine.

Same here, PIRs completely unresponsive


Do not update

Same issue brand new light. Had to borrow a 20ft ladder to install and the motion detector does not work at all. Very dissipointed.


I’ve returned both of mine. Still pretty sure it’s a software issue but I have no patience.


Same issue here. Only after latest update.

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Just installed two of these and I’m having all the same issues. Lights do not turn on when motion is sensed, or they turn on inadvertently. I’m using the version 2 cams in my house and they work flawlessly, but these are not good! I’m returning them today.

I’m having the same poor PIR sensing issue. The sensor is level with the ground per the instructions but the sensor doesn’t pick me up unless I stand right under the sensor for 5 seconds while waving my arms right under it. Such a bummer. The main reason I went with this over the Nest is the floodlight’s siren feature and the cheaper cost. I didn’t think I’d be making such a huge concession in the sensor’s efficacy.

Oh yeah. Been dealing with a lot of issues over the past couple major firmware releases. Both of my floodlights are completely unreliable. Floodlight sensors don’t work reliably, Have to wait 5+ seconds waving my arms to get them to come on. App shows the floodlights and my add on cameras disconnected. I can often recover three of the cameras on a power cycle, but one has become unreliable and sometimes turns on if it wants to. Red light is on though. WiFi is not the issue. They AP is literally feet away.

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Yep! I took two of those units back to Home Depot and bought a Ring model. One unit was the same price as two Wyze models, but at least I have some working lights.