Floodlight detection all over the place

TLDR floodlight triggering ALL the time, dispite settings at almost 0.

We have a Floodlight that we installed in our driveway to watch over our car.
My wife leaves her notifications on and we wake up to easily 50+ notifications. The floodlight triggers on and then also triggers another camera that is looking in that direction.

Watching back the events ALL of them seem to be light bouncing off of the car from vehicles going down the street. We have tried eliminating the areas of the video but this basically doesn’t work. We have also set the triggering of the floodlight to JUST AI events, but the light still triggers the camera multiple time (probably every 4-5 minutes or so all night long)

I have adjusted the sensitivity range to basically 0,

Is there a way to fix this or is the technology just not there yet and we need to find another option? It seems to me like everything that Wyze claims with their monitoring and AI software is not working at all in this circumstance…

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Sorry your having issues with your floodlight, I have 2 and have had almost none of these problems, but there are some users that do experience related problems with car headlights.

First off, do you have cam plus or cam plus lite? Also, do you have the cam set to record only when the PIR detects motion, or do you have the floodlight to only trigger when the cam detects motion, or both?

Can you send some pics of the floodlight settings and PIR settings, as well as your cameras event recording and detection settings as well as notification settings. Lots of screenshots, but they will help me and other members of the community assist you. Thanks!

Running the free 14 day trial of the cam Plus on this camera, have cam plus on all of our other cameras (cam v.3 and doorbell)

had to make one image of all the screenshots. forums wont let me add multiple images…

Thanks for any help! Let me know if you need some more screenshots of my setup.

So your setup looks to be this:
Lights turn on when PIR sensor or sound is detected.
Event is recorded if PIR sensor detects motion and it’s within the detection zone.
You get notifications for sound.

So I would try disabling the sound option in floodlight settings, so the light only turns on when motion is detected by the PIR.


Sounds good, I will try this change and report back! Unfortunately need to wait till tonight to see if things are smoothed out with this tweak.

Thanks for the help and insight!

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